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Chariton Valley wants to ensure you have the technology needed to navigate today’s world and tomorrow’s, and we are doing just that with our fiber network. High-speed connectivity, substantial bandwidth and very low latency are a few of the many benefits it offers to individuals, businesses and communities.

The deployment of fiber internet is a very involved undertaking, and we avoid risks and take precautions to ensure the process is smooth and without complications. Through extensive planning and preparation, we effectively implement fiber daily.

However, its construction and installation can be challenging. During these phases, Chariton Valley makes every effort for all property to remain undamaged and intact. But like any development project, its implementation may result in property disturbances when incidents happen and unexpected issues arise.

Although extremely unlikely, should damage occur, below is Chariton Valley’s procedure.

  1. Contact us to report the damage caused to your residence or business.
  2. A Chariton Valley representative will visit the site to assess the damage.
  3. If deemed we are responsible for the damage, repairs will be made at our expense.

We promise to do our best when constructing and installing your fiber. But should damage occur by our hands, you have our guarantee we will rectify it, making for a worry-free process.

For more information about Chariton Valley Fiber, visit our Sign Up For Fiber page or a location near you.