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As many businesses and schools go remote to slow the spread of COVID-19, many families across the country are making the rapid and unplanned switch to work and e-learn from home.

If you’re not sure how you will stay connected for work or engage your child in at-home education, we can help. In addition to fast, reliable internet from Chariton Valley, here are a few tips to help you be successful working from home as well as some e-learning resources for a structured at-home curriculum or just fun, interactive learning to keep your kids occupied.

Work from Home Tips:

Designate a Work Area

There may be multiple distractions at home. It is important that you have a space where you can concentrate without interruptions. All your equipment and supplies should be in your dedicated space so that you feel more confident and organized during your remote work time.

Maintain a Familiar Schedule

Schedule your working hours as if you were at the office. Even scheduling your breaks and lunch period will make working from home more routine.

Utilize a Web Conferencing Program

When working from home, there may be times when you need to interact with multiple coworkers at once. That’s when web conferencing platforms are very helpful. If the company you work for doesn’t use a conferencing service, you can still host smaller team meetings on your own. Test the video conferencing waters for free with platforms like, CyberLink U and Skype’s group video chat. Of course, all your carefully made web conferencing plans will be for nothing if your internet can’t power the technologies you need.

Chariton Valley Enterprise Solutions

For business customers, Chariton Valley offers business solutions that will keep your staff connected. Accession Communicator, available for desktop and desktop/mobile, unifies communications. It acts as a fully featured soft phone that enables you and your employees to make and receive calls using a business phone number, instant message and more. Plus, Accession Meeting, our cloud-based collaboration solution, makes the perfect addition to any business’ toolkit by providing your employees a means in which to collectively meet. Contact us at 660-395-9400 for information about our other enterprise services.

e-Learning Resources:

Programs for Getting Started is a comprehensive guide to homeschooling and offers online community support. You can access an array of resources and services, including free printable educational activities and worksheets.

An easy A-to-Z guide to homeschooling, The Homeschool Mom includes links to some of the best online resources. You have access to local programs, lesson plans and other popular topics. This program also offers parent reviews of various homeschool curriculums.

Free Online Courses and Lesson Plans

You can find thousands of free online courses and lesson plans across many different subjects at Kahn Academy: Math, English, Science, Computer Programming, Art, History, Economics and Finance, to name a few. Kahn has partnered with NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, the California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to provide specialized content.

TED-Ed is an extensive online video library that features cool animation paired with great educational content. Popular video topics include: “Does Time Exist?”, “History Through the Eyes of a Chicken”, “Can You Solve the Leonardo Da Vinci Riddle?” and “A Day in the Life of an Egyptian Doctor.”

Additional Free Online Resources by Subject

Math: Math Games, Corbett Math, Dreambox (free trial available), Math is Fun

Science: Exploratorium, NASA for Students, Steve Spangler Science, How to Smile

Reading and Language Arts: Project Gutenberg, Starfall, Read Write Think, Read Works

Contact Chariton Valley today to ensure your connection offers the speed, strength, reliability and bandwidth you need to effectively work and video conference from home and power all your at-home educational resources.