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By now, you’ve probably heard about fiber optic broadband and its most recognized benefit, super-quick connectivity. But, what are fiber optics exactly, and besides the lightning fast speed, what makes fiber the preferred broadband option?

Well, to start, fiber optics are thin, pliable glass fibers capable of carrying information by way of light. Unlike DSL (copper wires) and wireless services, fiber has the power and capacity to transmit the staggering volume of data transmitted every day around the world. Furthermore, as this volume continues to grow and technological advancements occur, the adoption of fiber will be increasingly more important to the support and sustainability of future communications.

In addition, fiber also appeals to consumers because of its long list of benefits. Below are just a few of these advantages.

  • Reliability
  • Substantial bandwidth
  • Security
  • Uninterrupted service
  • No lag time

Fiber can also have a profound effect on property values.

  • 3% value increase with fiber access
  • 8% value increase with access to speeds up to one gigabit
  • 1% value increase overall if you have both

Source: Molnar, G., Savage, S., & Sicker, D. (2015). Reevaluating the Broadband Bonus: Evidence from Neighborhood Access to Fiber and United States Housing Prices.

Plus, a fiber infrastructure provides communities with many advantages.

  • Access to an adaptable, sustainable technology that is future-proof regardless of technological innovations
  • Competitive business recruitment which leads to more job opportunities (According to the Fiber Broadband Association’s 2017 Annual Report, cities with fiber-to-the-home will have a 72% better job impact within ten years.)
  • The convenience of an unsurpassed education because of access to distance learning and educational resources that would otherwise be unavailable
  • Access to optimal health care through remote medical diagnostics and monitoring as well as quicker, more economically efficient access to medical specialists
  • Economic development and community growth

A fiber optic network connects you to the world around you, improves quality of life and provides the means in which communities can thrive. Chariton Valley, a certified Gig-Capable Provider, is leading Missouri and much of the nation in the deployment of fiber, making it possible to access the global marketplace and enriching not only your life but that of underserved rural communities. For more information about Chariton Valley Fiber, visit


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