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What Does Bark Do?You may have heard of Bark, and if you haven’t, you need to. Bark is an award-winning monitoring service that helps protect kids when they’re online. But what exactly does that mean?

  • Monitoring

Advanced algorithms enable Bark to detect and proactively alert you to issues your children face online, such as bullying, online predators, suicidal ideation, sexual content, and signs of depression. Bark covers text messages, YouTube, email, and 30+ social media platforms and apps. You don’t get unfettered access to everything on your children’s phones — you only receive alerts for potential issues so you can talk to your kids and make sure everything’s okay. This gives kids privacy and enables families to build trust.

  • Screen Time Management

Bark’s approach to screen time centers on the idea that different times of day call for different screen time rules.
For example, when your kids are in school, you can block access to everything but educational sites, and at bedtime,
you can allow apps to help them wind down for the evening. And because all kids deserve to blow off a little steam,
you can designate free time hours just for play.QR Code Bark

  • Web Filtering

Bark’s web filter lets you select which websites your children can access on their devices. You can allow or block specific sites — or even whole categories, like streaming services, online gaming, sexual content, and more.

  • Location Check-Ins

Check-Ins are an easy way for you to get peace of mind when your kids are out and about. Rather than sending a “Did you get there?” or “Where are you?” text, you can rely on GPS-based location confirmations from your children to verify they’ve safely arrived at their destinations — all at the tap of a button.

Bark is available to Chariton Valley customers and noncustomers. Click here to sign up or contact us.