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Before you select a home internet plan, there are key factors you should consider. Speed is probably the most important since a faster internet connection will improve your overall online experience.Woman on Laptop

It’s equally important, however, to understand how internet connection speeds work to ensure you select the right plan for your household’s needs.

How Internet Speed is Measured

Measured in Megabits per second (Mbps) or Gigabits per second (Gbps), your internet speed is the amount of data that can be transferred every second over your internet connection. A speed of 1 Gbps – one thousand times faster than 1 Mbps – is blazing fast and allows you to do almost anything, including letting multiple family members stream 4K video at the same time.

Your speed determines the activities you can do online and how quickly you can do them. A slower connection speed, for example, allows you to browse web pages easily, but most likely won’t be fast enough for you to stream HD videos.

Download Versus Upload Speeds

Contrary to popular belief, a good internet connection is not only about a good download speed. Upload speed is equally important.

Download speed is the speed at which data travels from a remote location on the internet to your internet-connected device. For instance, if you’re watching a video on YouTube, the download speed is the rate at which the information in the video travels from the YouTube server to your device.

On the other hand, upload speed is the speed at which data travels from your connected device to a remote location on the internet. For instance, if you post a video or photo on a social media site, the upload speed is the rate at which the information travels from your device to that platform’s server.

Many providers’ internet plans have greater download speeds than upload speeds. That’s why you may hear the term asymmetrical with regard to internet connections. This just means the download and upload speeds are not equal.

Many online activities, such as web surfing and application downloads, involve downloading a lot of data. And for certain activities, like online gaming and video streaming, the faster you can download data, the better.

Alternatively, a faster upload speed may be required to upload videos, work or operate a small business from home and video call. A faster upload speed is also recommended for online gaming and various other online activities.

The Bottom Line

The speed of your internet connection has a big impact on the quality of your online experience.
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