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Cable internet is susceptible to weather-related outages, slowdowns during peak hours and bandwidth limitations. In contrast, Chariton Valley’s fiber internet* is fast, reliable and always ready to meet your needs!


Fiber upgrades your life in so many ways!

  • The freedom to cut the cord on cable TV and enjoy many options for watching live television or streaming your favorite TV shows and movies.
  • The freedom to skip the waiting room and have telehealth visits at home.
  • The freedom to end the commute and enjoy the flexibility of remote work.
  • The freedom to eLearn in the comfort of your home.

Fiber alone sets us apart, but the differences don’t stop there.

Local Support and Service

Unlike cable companies, Chariton Valley is a local service provider. We care about what happens around here, just like you.

Our focus continues to be the customer experience and how we can best serve you. We never force you into contracts. We simply want to make life a little better by delivering affordable fiber service to as many communities as possible.

If you contact us, you may talk to your neighbor from up the street or a former classmate, and if you have an issue, you can count on us to work hard – and quickly – to make it right!

Straightforward Internet Pricing

We understand unexpected charges are frustrating. We get it. You have other expenses to pay.
That’s why:

  • We never send inflated bills for data cap overages. Our customers get unlimited data.
  • The cost of our internet plans include the router.
  • Installation is free.
  • Our pricing is straightforward and listed online.

All companies must charge taxes and governmental fees, and we’re no different. But with Chariton Valley, you have peace of mind knowing we don’t tack on all those extras mentioned above.

To Sum It All Up

Contact us today or click here to learn more about Chariton Valley’s fiber plans! We can’t wait to get you connected!

*Not available in all areas. Contact us for complete details.