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If you’re a Chariton Valley fiber customer, you have the fastest, most reliable internet available. You also have total network security with ProtectIQ®*, access to our FREE CV CommandIQ app to easily customize your Wi-Fi experience, and the option to add ExperienceIQ®*!Smartphones with CV CommandIQ App

What can you do with the CV CommandIQ app?

  • Change or reset your network name and password
  • See all devices currently using your Wi-Fi and get alerts when a new device is connected
  • Categorize your devices (i.e., personal, work, gaming, etc.)
  • Pause the internet for any device, at any time
  • Create routines for scheduled downtime (i.e., bedtime)
  • Create a temporary or shareable guest network so your network information remains private
  • Run a speed test*
  • Receive notifications about planned Chariton Valley network maintenance or app updates

What is ProtectIQ?

ProtectIQ is a network-level security service that protects ALL devices connected to your Wi-Fi and provided FREE to ALL* our fiber customers ($5/mo. value).

  • Proactively monitors your home’s incoming online traffic and automatically blocks anything suspicious
  • Blocks attempted visits to known harmful websites
  • Provides an active security monitoring service that uses a large and constantly growing database of threats
  • Uses intrusion prevention settings (IPS) to monitor, notify and prevent activity such as hackers trying to gain access to your local video content (i.e., Wi-Fi connected baby monitors and doorbells), virtual meetings and other streams
  • Actively terminates data transfers before malicious content is delivered to any vulnerable network device

With the CV CommandIQ app, you can take part in your ProtectIQ protection!

  • Monitor blocked threats, intrusions and viruses
  • Check your devices to ensure they are connected to your Wi-Fi network and protected
  • Get immediate ProtectIQ alerts with specific details about attacks
  • Easily perform security scans on all your connected devices

What is ExperienceIQ?

ExperienceIQ is a $5/mo. add-on service that protects children from harmful or inappropriate content and enhances parental control.

You take control and set the rules with ExperienceIQ in the CV CommandIQ app!

  • Block inappropriate categories
  • Block applications you deem inappropriate
  • Set time limits for specific applications
  • Set Safe Search and YouTube Restriction to block harmful or inappropriate content when searching on Google, Bing or YouTube
  • View usage for all devices to better understand how the internet is being used in your home
  • Prioritize application groups or specific devices and set schedules

The CV CommandIQ app provides the tools you need to take command of your Wi-Fi experience and is downloadable from the App Store or Google Play. For more information about the app and its features or to add ExperienceIQ to your online safety measures, contact us.

*Subject to equipment capabilities.