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Do you know if you have a shared or dedicated internet connection? If not, it’s worth finding out because the type of connection you have affects your service.

Shared vs. Dedicated

A dedicated fiber is provided to your home or business. You’re not sharing a connection with your neighbors, meaning you’re not sharing bandwidth. Why is that important? Think of a shared internet connection as a multi-lane highway. The vehicles traveling on your highway are others sharing your connection. The more vehicles on your highway, the more congested it becomes, slowing down your speed.

If you have a dedicated connection, the only travelers on your highway are those connected to your home or business network, and you arrive at destinations much quicker!

Other Benefits of a Dedicated Connection

  • Reliability – Private bandwidth offers constant data flow without delays.
  • Speed – A dedicated connection guarantees speed because bandwidth isn’t shared.
  • Security – A dedicated connection is private, making the connection more secure.
  • Quality – Video streams without the frustration of buffering, and phone service is lag-free.
  • Symmetry – With uniform upload and download speed, data sends as fast as you receive it.

When selecting a provider, don’t fall into thinking fast speed is all you need to navigate the internet effectively. Although important, speed doesn’t save you from the pitfalls of a shared connection. You need the trifecta, fast and affordable internet delivered through a dedicated connection, and that’s what you get with Chariton Valley’s fiber broadband!

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