Hearing Aid Compatible

Chariton Valley offers many devices that are Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) for the hearing impaired.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defines Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) for wireless devices in terms of radio-frequency (RF) emissions and telecoil coupling. Cell phones are tested to see if they comply with the FCC’s definition of hearing aid compatibility.  Click here to read about Hearing Aid Compatibility rules from the FCC.

M refers to the RF emissions level of the handset device, and means the device is intended for use with hearing aids in microphone mode. The higher the “M” rating number on the device, the more likely the device can be used with a hearing aid on the microphone setting.

T refers to the device’s telecoil coupling ability, and means the device is intended for use with hearing aids in telecoil mode. The higher the “T” rating number on the device, the more likely the device can be used with a hearing aid on the telecoil setting. A telecoil is a small device that is built into some hearing aids for use with the telephone as well as assistive listening devices. To use the telecoil, generally either the hearing aid is switched to the “T” position or a button on the hearing aid is pushed to select the telecoil program. Some newer hearing aids will automatically switch to telecoil mode when using a phone. The telecoil picks up magnetic fields generated by telephones and converts these fields into sound. Telecoils are particularly useful for telephone communication because they permit the volume control of a hearing aid to be turned up without creating feedback or ͞whistling,͟ and background noise can be reduced especially when using cell phones in noisy places. A hearing health professional can determine whether a hearing aid contains a telecoil and how it is activated.

The above information was taken from the CTIA’s website. For more information about hearing aid compatible and nonhearing aid-compatible devices, please visit this site.

Explanation of methodology for determining levels of functionality (e.g. operating capabilities, features, prices) for compliant handsets:

Chariton Valley Wireless offers a variety of HAC phone models to meet the needs of wireless users with hearing disabilities. The mobile units are presented here by category of price.

Smartphones generally have advanced features such as expandable memory, enhanced camera, Bluetooth, video, Internet access, touch screen UI, faster processing, email, full QWERTY keypads, and in many cases Windows Office Mobile, to meet the demands of mobile business professionals and consumers.

Feature Phones offer basic wireless telephone features, may or may not have a camera, Bluetooth, or Internet access capability, and generally lack such features MP3 players and expandable memory. Typically utilitarian design suitable for customers using voice/text only, tends to be flip or bar form factor.

A listing of Chariton Valley Wireless handset HAC by current and recently offered models can be found in the table below.

ModelFCC ID NumberHACMHZ FrequencyAir InterfaceWiFiTierSale Date
Apple iPhone 7 Plus*BCG-E3087AM3/T4850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone9/23/2016
Samsung S8*A3LSMG950UM4/T3850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone5/8/2017
Apple iPhone 8*BCG-E3159AM3/T4850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone9/29/2017
Apple iPhone 8 Plus*BCG-E3160AM3/T4850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone9/29/2017
Samsung Galaxy S9*A3LSMG960UM4/T3850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone3/23/2018
Samsung Galaxy S9+*A3LSMG965UM4/T3850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone3/23/2018
LG K30*ZNFX410UMM3/T3850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone7/13/2018
moto g6 Play*IHDT56XB1M3/T3850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone8/29/2018
Apple iPhone Xs*BCG-E3218AM3/T4850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone9/21/2018
Apple iPhone Xs Max*BCG-E3219AM3/T4850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone9/21/2018
Samsung Galaxy Note 9*A3LSMN960UM4/T3850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone9/28/2018
LG Stylo 4*ZNFQ710USM4/T3850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone10/26/2018
Apple iPhone Xr*BCG-E3220AM3/T4850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone10/26/2018
Samsung S10eA3LSMG970UM4/T3850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone5/2/2019
Samsung S10+*A3LSMG975U1M4/T3850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone5/2/2019
Samsung S10*A3LSMG973UM4/T3850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone5/2/2019
Samsung Note 10*A3LSMN970UM4/T3850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone9/20/2019
Samsung Note 10+*A3LSMN975UM4/T3850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone9/20/2019
Apple iPhone 11*BCG-E3309AM3/T4850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone9/20/2019
Apple iPhone 11 Pro*BCG-E3305AM3/T4850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone9/20/2019
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max*BCG-E3306AM3/T4850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone9/20/2019
Motorola e6*IHDT56YA1M3/T3850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone11/8/2019
LG Stylo 5*ZNFQ720QMM4/T3850/1900/700CDMA/LTEYESSmart Phone11/8/2019

*This phone has been tested and rated for use with hearing aids for some of the wireless technologies that it uses. However, there may be some newer wireless technologies used in this phone that have not been tested yet for use with hearing aids. It is important to try the different features of this phone thoroughly and in different locations, using your hearing aid or cochlear implant, to determine if you hear any interfering noise. Consult Chariton Valley Wireless or the manufacturer of this phone for information on hearing aid compatibility. If you have questions about return or exchange policies, consult Chariton Valley Wireless.

Updated 12.21.2019

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