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Online scams are nothing new. Internet fraudsters take advantage of others regularly with a variety of cunning tricks that for many are difficult to detect.

It’s been said with knowledge comes power, and that holds true regarding online scams. The more you know, the less vulnerable you are. Take a few minutes to learn about phishing, a common tactic used by cyber predators.

What’s phishing?

Aptly named, phishing is a scammer’s way of fishing for confidential information, such as Social Security numbers and login credentials. They email, text and use social media platforms to lure you into accessing a malicious link or attachment, which then requires you to reveal personal information or compromises your computer with damaging programs.

Phishing messages may even appear as if they are from reputable businesses or people you know.

With your valuable data, scammers can do considerable harm. Maybe your bank account gets breached or perhaps a credit card is opened in your name. The former can deplete your savings and the latter can rack up debt and eventually destroy your credit. These are just two examples of how your private information in the wrong hands can lead to major headaches.

Phishing indicators

Although scammers revise their schemes frequently, there are indicators that when identified can help you detect a phishing attempt and protect yourself. For instance, phishing messages may include emotional ploys or a sense of urgency to get you to react quickly without thinking through the consequences. And as the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is so beware of messages that suggest you won big! The Federal Trade Commission’s website thoroughly covers the topic and explains how you can identify a phishing scam.

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