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Over the last few years, working from home has increased. Chances are you know someone that made the switch from commuting to an office to a remote workspace. And if you’re considering a telework opportunity, you may be wondering how your internet may affect your work efficiency?

Having fast internet when working from home is essential, and you might be surprised by how slow internet can hold you back.

The Negative Impact of Slow Internet

According to a survey by WhistleOut and reported by the Keesing Platform:

  • 65% of video conferencing calls encountered issues, such as being dropped, due to overwhelmed internet connections.
  • 43% of participants reported utilizing mobile hotspots to augment their service.
  • And an overwhelming 83% of participants asserted that working a partial day is not even possible with a slow connection.

Ways Chariton Valley Can Help

Give Your Internet a Boost – If you’re not a Chariton Valley customer, what are you waiting for? Our fiber internet plans* are superfast, reliable and affordable! Click here to learn more.

Test Your Speed – If you’re a Chariton Valley fiber internet customer, you can easily check your internet quality and speed through the FREE CV CommandIQ app. This app shows you what areas of your home are getting the best internet connection, guides you to the ideal location for your router and so much more!

Avoid Saturation – Multiple connections to your internet service causes saturation. With the CV CommandIQ app, you see the devices using your Wi-Fi and have the ability to pause the internet for any device at any time. This is a vital tool when working from home.

To Sum it All Up

Don’t be at the mercy of a weak internet connection. If you work from home or plan to, you need an internet service that can keep up. To learn more about how Chariton Valley can maximize your at-home office experience, contact us today!

*Not available in all areas. Contact us for complete details.