It's not a 
matter of if, 
but when.

Protect your devices 
with Servify Care. 

Why Servify Care?Because accidents happen.

Nothing is more frustrating than the helpless feeling of being without one of your devices or having to pay for a new one. Servify Care is a single, comprehensivedevice protection program that you are sure to love!

More Value

Unlike individual extended device warranty plans, Servify Care covers your devices for one low monthly fee.

Less Risk

With accidental device protection, there is less risk to limited warranties and fine print. If you add an eligible device to your plan, we cover it!

Rapid Claims

We honor claims quickly─meaning you get your device repaired or replaced with as little downtime as possible.

Integrated with CommandIQ®

Register your devices at the Servify Care website and see all of your claims in CommandIQ.

Protect Your Devices for a Fractionof a Big Box Store Warranty

Why Buy Individual Device Protection Plans, When You Can Buy Just One From Servify Care?

Servify Care makes growing your plan easy.With no additional cost, you can continually add eligible devices to your plan through the easy-to-use Servify Care app.

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