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CV and MEC’s ‘Co-ops in Action’ Update Windows at Wien Share and Care

 MACON, MO – All cooperatives operate on seven core principles. The seventh of those principles is ‘Concern for Community’. Macon Electric Cooperative (MEC) and Chariton Valley (CV) take pride in being able to give back to their communities and have further established their community service mission through the creation of ‘Co-ops in Action’.

Co-ops in Action is now in its second year and the two cooperatives recently completed their fifth project since inception. This project was held in the small town of Wien, where some upgrades were needed to the exterior of the infamous Wien Share and Care building. MEC and CV worked together to improve the look of the building by chipping, caulking, and painting around the windows of the building.

“Giving back to our communities is the cooperative way,” stated Allie Foster, MEC Marketing and Communications Manager. “It is inspiring to see the difference that Co-ops in Action is making in our local communities.”

Through Co-ops in Action, MEC and CV dedicate time and employees to tackle work projects in the communities that are serviced by the two organizations. Projects are selected through a request process. Applications for Co-ops in Action may be found at, or Groups or organizations who are in need of assistance with a project may apply to have work completed through Co-ops in Action.  The organization must provide the material needed for the project, while MEC and CV provide the labor.

“The volunteers at Share and Care are amazing and work hard to help others. It was nice that we were able to do something to help them,” stated Donna Bell, CV Manager of Public Relations and Economic Development. “We are looking forward to our next project,” she concluded.


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