Presidents Message

The Chariton Valley Telephone Cooperative meeting will be held on October 3, 2019 and like last year, attendance is not required. This will be the second year using electronic voting after a successful first year. In 2017, only 6% of the Chariton Valley membership voted in the annual Board elections, where in the 2018 election a little over 19% of the members voted. This shows that several members which normally couldn’t attend the meeting to vote were able to do so online. There were many reasons to change to electronic voting but the main one for me was it allows 100% of the members an opportunity to vote, without having to travel.

I am sharing Chariton Valley’s Mission Statement because I feel it supports the company’s vision “To enhance opportunities for rural America by delivering premier telecommunications and technology in Missouri.”

Chariton Valley Mission Statement

“Chariton Valley will strive to promote the interests of its stakeholder and the communities that is serves by providing reliable, state of the art communication services at competitive rates in the areas it serves. Chariton Valley will operate with the value of honesty, integrity and fairness.”

I believe even with the ever-changing telecommunication industry we have made the best business decisions for the cooperative that we could and have followed the mission statement. This all would have not been possible without the vision of the past board members, a current strong board of directors, executive team and the approximately 100 employees that strive everyday of “Keeping You Connected.” There are several telephone cooperatives that did not have the same vision and they are either struggling or are no longer in business. I believe as Chariton Valley continues with the current fiber-to-the-home projects and looks for other possible revenue opportunities, this will allow Chariton Valley to remain an industry leader in the area.

One change that was made this year is that there will be 100 randomly selected winners of a $100 prize. You do not need to be present to win and voting electronically is your automatic entry into the drawing. I want to thank everyone that participated in last year elections and encourage everyone that didn’t, to exercise your right to vote this year.

Gary Scheiderer
President of the Board

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