Nominating Committee

How Can I Serve On The Nominating Committee?


To be eligible to be a part of the Nominating Committee, a person:

(a)  must be a member, or designee of a firm, association, corporation, partner­ship, body politic or political subdivision mem­ber;

(b)  must maintain primary residence in an area which the Cooperative serves;

(c)  must have an account with the Cooperative for which there have been no more than two (2) delinquencies during the twelve (12) months immediately preceding nomination or appointment;

(d)  cannot have been convicted of, pled guilty to, or entered a plea of no contest to a felony crime;

(e)  cannot be employed by the Cooperative, or have been employed by the Cooperative within thirty-six (36) months immediately preceding election or appointment as director, or be employed by or financially interested in a business engaged in selling telephone or other communications services or supplies in competition with the Cooperative.

Ready To Serve?

Nitty Gritty

  • The Nominating Committee will meet with the President & CEO to analyze and discuss pool of candidates from online submissions. Committee will then make selection of Nominees from the candidate pool.
  • Nominating Committee Members receive a meeting fee of $100 per meeting plus mileage.