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Neptuno USA, Corp Completes NAAP© Asset Management Program Implementation and 3D Site Virtualization of Vertical Portfolio of Missouri Based Gateway Towers, a Subsidiary of Chariton Valley

NAAP© is an AI fueled asset management and data capturing solution used worldwide to lower deployment and site maintenance costs, expedite site surveys, improve site safety and track assets and inventory.

For Gateway Towers: Kevin Lybrand, JoDee Lodder, Amber Spilman Jim Riley and Cody Carnahan. For Neptuno USA: Leticia Latino and Richard Conway. (Photo: Business Wire)

For Gateway Towers: Kevin Lybrand, JoDee Lodder, Amber Spilman Jim Riley and Cody Carnahan. For Neptuno USA: Leticia Latino and Richard Conway. (Photo: Business Wire)

MACON, Mo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Neptuno USA, Corp, a leading global provider of Infrastructure, services, and asset management solutions for the telecommunications industry, announced today that it has completed the implementation of its NAAP© Asset Management Platform for Gateway Towers, a tower company based in Macon, Missouri. The project involved the virtualization and 3D Digital Twin creation of its Tower Portfolio, the delivery of AI-generated Towers As-built and Rust Reports and the creation of a Site Information Baseline accessible in real-time via Carrier Grade Asset Software NAAP.

“When we first met with NEPTUNO, we had explored several asset management softwares but hadn’t committed to a solution yet. We had several live demos of the NAAP© Software and were impressed by its granularity and versatility. NEPTUNO’s expertise in engineering and building sites and towers is the trademark of their asset management solution. The software addresses and captures operational and engineering data points that are usually overlooked by other solutions,” said Kevin Lybrand, Construction Manager for Gateway Towers. “The biggest value-add for us came when we were deciding to perform traditional site surveys to gather the necessary information to input in the software. NEPTUNO not only eagerly offered to take that task out of our hands but presented us with the option of creating Digital Twins of our towers, enabling us to interact remotely and greatly facilitating our planning and operations. It was also key to get quality CAD drawings generated without ever having anyone climb a tower and for our workforce to have access via the NAAP APP. This is a game-changer,” Lybrand added.

“We’re ecstatic to have gotten the opportunity to collaborate with Gateway Towers in this project, which is our first implementation of NAAP© Software in the USA. While NEPTUNO INTERNATIONAL has created over 3,000 Digital Twins worldwide and implemented the software in over 10 countries since its inception in 2009, it was only recently that our company made the strategic decision to start offering these services in the US. We are known as Tower Builders, but in reality, we are innovators at heart, and we are very proud of the holistic approach that our NAAP Solution brings forward to help solve Assets Lifecycle Management ‘pain points’,” said Leticia Latino-van Splunteren, CEO of NEPTUNO USA, CORP. “Gateway Towers is also the first project in which we intersected Artificial Intelligence, 3D tower Mapping, traditional Engineering capabilities, and a Carrier Grade Asset Tracking Software, and to see it completed brings us incredible satisfaction. We are grateful for the trust that the entire Gateway Towers team placed in us, and we look forward to executing on our vision of being a key player in the 3D Digital transformation that has begun and to help carriers and tower companies bring their physical assets into the digital era.”

About Neptuno

Neptuno USA, Corp is a spin-off of NEPTUNO INTERNATIONAL, a company incorporated in South America in 1972 and credited with engineering, manufacturing, and installing over 10,000 towers, many still serving in many of the first Wireless Networks in Latin America. Neptuno has patented several tower designs and has applied 3-Dimensional technologies to Site Surveys, Tower Mapping, and Virtual Telecom Assets Libraries. The company also contributed in the development of NAAP, a Telecom Asset Management Software, geared to help manage Assets Life-cycles, and is taking an active role in the Smart Cities movement through one of its spin-offs and newly formed SmartTecPort.

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About Gateway Tower Holdings, Inc.

Gateway Tower Holdings, Inc. is a subsidiary of Chariton Valley, a leading telecommunications company in north-central Missouri with 70 years of experience. Gateway Tower Holdings, Inc. maintains 70 towers in Missouri leased by wireless providers.

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