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What internet speed do you really need? The answer depends on a few factors, such as the number of people in your home, the number of devices regularly used at once and the types of online activities you and others inExcellent User Experience your household engage in most.

While Chariton Valley’s advanced fiber network is the most reliable internet available – and that reliability is consistent no matter what speed tier you choose – we offer different plans to accommodate your household’s specific needs.* In other words, your household’s actual usage determines if you need a higher or lower speed. For simplicity, our symmetrical speed tiers are listed below along with brief descriptions.

Right Out of the Gate…

Our 100/100 Mbps entry-level plan shows some of fiber’s prowess. Though not close to fiber’s full speed capabilities, it is a solid option for those with less online usage.

  • Ideal for basic email, web browsing and social media
  • Supports video streaming on three or four devices simultaneously
  • Opens up 4K resolution on compatible devices for a clearer streaming picture

Now, we’re talking!

Our 500/500 Mbps plan is our most popular. It shows what fiber can do but still doesn’t reach fiber’s full potential.

  • Ideal for households with multiple internet users and devices
  • Supports heavy high-definition video streaming on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Supports smooth and responsive gaming experiences with faster download and upload speeds for quick data transmissions

Hold Your Hat!

With our 1/1 Gig (1,000/1,000 Mbps) speed, data pours into your home, powering devices with the internet they need to perform at their best. No need to ration out streaming times ever again with this plan!

  • Ideal for users looking for the best internet and streaming experience available
  • Supports heavy high-definition video streaming on even more devices simultaneously
  • Provides exceptional streaming quality
  • Powers connected smart homes (think Alexa, security cameras, doorbells, thermostats, door locks and more) without slowdowns
  • Provides an incomparable online gaming experience due to higher bandwidth capacity that allows more data to flow up and down seamlessly

As you can see, one size doesn’t fit all. We always try to guide our customers into the appropriate plan. We don’t oversell, and we don’t undersell. It’s about making sure you and your family have an unmatched online experience. No more. No less.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always available to answer your questions about which plan is best for your household. Please feel free to reach out! You can also learn more about Chariton Valley and our unbeatable fiber internet by following us on social media!

*Not available in all areas. Contact us for complete details.