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October is National Co-op Month, an opportunity to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of cooperatives across the country.

Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation has a long and successful history of serving members and achieving milestones, and remains rooted in the member-owned, member-led and member-focused spirit in which it was created. The Chariton Valley Board of Directors, leadership and employees continue to follow the principles that represent the values governing all cooperatives, including:

Voluntary and Open Membership                                           Education, Training and Information

Democratic Member Control                                                   Cooperation Among Cooperatives

Members’ Economic Participation                                           Concern for Community

Autonomy and Independence

This year marks the cooperative’s 70th anniversary, an achievement made possible by the support of our members and our unwavering commitment to providing premier services to enhance opportunities for rural communities.

Chariton Valley, for example, will soon fulfill our pledge to replace copper facilities with our state-of-the-art fiber network in all member exchanges. We are also expanding fiber connectivity to more unserved and underserved communities, and through this expansion, we are providing fiber service to more rural Missourians and ensuring equipment remains up to date in our exchanges.

Chariton Valley’s commitment to the communities we serve ensures everyone benefits from the cooperative experience. Now and in the future, we will continue to be guided by our core values to provide innovative and quality services, remain customer focused, demonstrate integrity and serve as a positive influence in the area.

As we celebrate National Co-op Month, we thank our members for the continued support! To learn more about the benefits of membership, click here or contact us.