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Moving is stressful. You will be inundated with decisions, both big and small. You’ll have a million tasks to accomplish, and if you’ve ever moved before, you know that’s not an exaggeration. From unpacking and familiarizing yourself with a new area to comparing banking facilities and procuring utility services, a long list of to-dos awaits.

Some of your considerations will involve communications services. Which provider offers unrivaled customer support? Which company offers services that will best meet your specific needs? And ultimately, which one will you choose?

Well, we may not be able to unpack your boxes or forward your mail, but Chariton Valley will alleviate the burden of selecting a service provider or, in our case, a solutions provider when you move to our area. We have everything you will need, making your choice not a choice at all. Here’s how.

  • Fastest Internet Around – Yep, it’s superfast! We offer a variety of internet speeds to meet each household’s requirements. If you simply enjoy surfing the internet, we will surf with you. If heavy streaming or gaming is how you roll, we’ll roll too. And if your new home will be a smart home, we will power it all.


  • High Definition Video Service – Total digital programming with 300 plus channels mostly in high definition is a lot of entertainment for you to enjoy! Plus, with our video service, you will be able to restart a program, pause, fast-forward and rewind live TV. You can also watch from anywhere with an internet or mobile data connection.


  • Telephone Service – If you’ll need the crystal clear sound and simplicity of landline phone service, we will be here for you.


  • Business Solutions – Will your move include a new business too? We offer the best in business services, including business class phone service, Hosted PBX and internet, and video. We also offer unified communications tools, such as Accession Communicator and Accession Meeting.


  • Affordable Prices – You’ll definitely appreciate Chariton Valley’s economical prices.


  • Local Customer Service – As a local company, we support our surrounding communities and care about our customers.


  • Convenient Billing – It will be very convenient to receive one bill each month for all your Chariton Valley products and services.


We will make your relocation a little easier. To learn more about our products and services, call 660-395-9000. Welcome to the neighborhood!


*Services not available in all areas. Contact us for complete details.