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Chariton Valley Becomes One of First Providers to Install Fiber Internet for Missouri Broadband Grant Recipients

RENICK AND ROCKFORD HILLS, MO, June 30, 2020 – Chariton Valley (CV), a complete communications provider in northern Missouri,  became one of the first providers in the state to install fiber internet for recipients of the Missouri Broadband Grant Program this week. Chariton Valley was awarded the grant earlier this year for broadband development projects in Renick and Rockford Hills, MO.

The Missouri Broadband Grant Program, resulting from a collaborative effort by the Departments of Economic Development and Agriculture, was established in 2018, by the Missouri General Assembly. The program launched with an initial $5 million investment in late 2019, to assist unserved and underserved Missouri areas and communications providers with up to half the construction costs associated with broadband infrastructures that will provide many Missourians with access to high-speed internet.

“I heard about Chariton Valley and signed up on Chariton Valley’s website. It’s nice to have something we can actually use in the community,” said Chris Beard, a Renick resident and one of the first customers to have fiber internet installed utilizing the Missouri Broadband Grant.

Chariton Valley’s gigabit capable speed is delivered over an advanced network that extends directly into homes and businesses through a dedicated connection. With fiber internet, the communities of Renick and Rockford Hills will have access to educational, medical and economic benefits, including increased property values.

“Having a good internet service is great. I feel this will help encourage others to move to the community, provide growth in the community and to bring more businesses to the area. This will be a plus for our community,” said John Muehe, Renick’s Mayor.

“I can be connected. Even phone service wasn’t good. It opens up opportunities like gaming, video streaming and music streaming,” Beard added.

The benefits of fiber internet and Chariton Valley’s commitment to its expansion reinforces the company’s vision of providing premier services to enhance opportunities for rural communities. As a future-proof technology, fiber internet will address the needs and wants of the Renick and Rockford Hills communities for many years to come.

“Access to fast and reliable internet service is essential for rural communities. We are proud of our partnerships with Renick and Rockford Hills and to deliver this valuable and essential service to each communities’ residents and businesses,” said Kirby J. Underberg, Chariton Valley’s CEO.

Chariton Valley is a Smart Rural Community® Gig-Capable Provider, offering up to a gigabit per second (1,000 megabits per second) for residential customers and up to 10 gigabits per second (10,000 megabits per second) for business customers.

To learn more about Chariton Valley’s fiber service or to sign up, visit or call 660-395-9000.

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