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The 2020 Annual Meeting Central comes to a close!  Thanks to all who voted in this year’s election during the 2-week electronic voting period!  The 2020 Annual Business Meeting took place virtually Thursday October 8, 2020 at 6:00 pm.  Three board members were re-elected this year and all voters were automatically entered to win one of ten $1000 prizes. 

 Election Results:

Northwest Area

Robert (Bob) Maddox 511

Phillip Martin 328

Southeast Area

Holly Wooldridge 538

Robert (Rob) Rice 440

Lance Winkler 386

Beth Andrews 243

Robert Maddox, Holly Wooldridge and Robert Rice were re-elected to serve 3-year terms as directors on the Chariton Valley Board.

$1000 Winners- We thank everyone for voting, and would like to congratulate the following winners.  Checks will be mailed out in the coming weeks.

David & Doris James New Cambria
Chris & Andrea Botkins Huntsville
Darin Pagliai Excello
Marvin & Deborah Widmer Salisbury
Ben & Beth Lutes Bucklin
V J & Karen Christy Bevier
Alice Benfield Atlanta
Michelle & Jack Hughes Excello
Lesley Almond New Boston
John & Bobbie Stanfield Salisbury


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