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National Co-op MonthOctober is National Co-op Month, a time to celebrate the principles, contributions and accomplishments of cooperatives. The Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation Board of Directors, leadership and employees continue to follow the seven Cooperative Principles that represent the values governing all cooperatives, including:

    1. Voluntary and Open Membership

      Membership to Chariton Valley Telephone Cooperative is free of discrimination and automatic when subscribing to any fiber service within the cooperative service area.


    1. Democratic Member Control

      Chariton Valley Telephone Cooperative is governed democratically by elected members of the membership. These members make up the nine member board of directors that represents five general geographic areas of the cooperative. Three directors are elected each year for a term of three years each.


    1. Members’ Economic Participation

      As a cooperative, income in excess of expenses can be used as an income tax deduction called a patronage exclusion as long as the amount of the deduction is allocated to member capital credit accounts. This equity is used to build and maintain fiber, and operate the company.


    1. Autonomy and Independence

      Chariton Valley Telephone Cooperative is self-governed by the member elected board of directors who can enter into agreements with and raise capital from external sources.


    1. Education, Training and Information

      Chariton Valley Telephone Cooperative strives to meet members’ expectations through a members’ web page, social media updates, direct mail, and community events and awareness.


    1. Cooperation Among Cooperatives

      We are proud of our ongoing relationship with Macon Electric Cooperative and our philanthropic venture, Co-ops in Action.


  1. Concern for Community

    Chariton Valley Telephone Cooperative is highly involved with member communities. We develop relationships with community leaders, committees and groups as part of our commitment to the rural communities we serve.

As we celebrate National Co-op Month, we want to thank our valued members for your continued support and contribution to the cooperative’s success. In recognition, we are hosting a member-only giveaway. Members who are currently enrolled in paperless billing or sign up for paperless billing through Tuesday, October 31st, will be eligible to win a fall-themed cooler valued at $500! Going paperless eliminates waste, is environmentally friendly and coincides with one of the seven Cooperative Principles, Concern for Community.

If you’re not signed up, call the Cooperative Member Hotline at 660.388.9930 today! As always, thank you for your membership and friendship!