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MACON, MO – Macon Electric Cooperative (MEC) and Chariton Valley (CV) have joined together to positively impact the communities they serve with the Co-ops in Action program. This project is a joint effort between the two cooperatives, where together they dedicate time and employees to tackle work projects for the communities they serve.

The first quarter project for 2018 was to help the Callao Harvest Fiesta build a new back-stop for their ball field. With a variety of local groups utilizing the ball field, a more sufficient and long-lasting back-stop was needed. The co-ops worked together to remove the old back stop, place the poles for the new back stop, and wire the fencing to the new poles. The project was completed by twelve volunteers from MEC and CV on May 1, 2018.

MEC and CV select projects through a request process, where community groups can apply to have work completed for their organization.  Through the application, the group must explain the project that they need completed, as well as how it will benefit the community.  A committee reviews the applications and selects projects to complete based on feasibility and impact on the community.  Co-ops in Action projects are completed quarterly.  During the volunteer work day, the organization must provide the material needed for the project, while MEC and CV provide the labor.

“Co-ops in Action was created based upon cooperative principle number seven: Concern for Community,” said Todd Schroeder, CEO of MEC. “Cooperatives care about the communities they serve and we strive to give back to our membership in as many ways as we can.”

“Our customers are our focus,” said Kirby Underberg, CEO of CV.  “When we are able to provide premiere services and assist with community improvement projects like this, we are truly making a difference! We are excited to give back to our communities through Co-ops in Action and enjoy working with Macon Electric in promoting the cooperative difference.”


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