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At Chariton Valley, we are committed to bringing high-quality, reliable, and fast fiber internet to those with limited or no access. We want nothing more than to provide superior service to everyone. However, deploying fiber has its challenges, and unfortunately, constructing “just one more mile” isn’t always possible.

Chariton Valley’s fiber network involves a significant investment in designing, planning, and deploying new fiber-optic cable. Where and when Chariton Valley builds is based on many factors, including but not limited to customer demand, cost and complexity of the build and the number of easements and permits required.


Significant Investment

One mile of fiber costs Chariton Valley approximately $30,000 upfront, and when you consider it takes years to recoup that money, strategic deployment makes sense.

Here’s an example. Let’s say there are 20 homes in one mile. Realistically, not all 20 homes will take our service (we can’t understand that either!). So, suppose half subscribe.

$30,000/10 homes = $3,000 per home (CV’s estimated cost)

It will take years for a return on our investment. Using this same example, change 10 homes to two or even one. You get the picture.


Strict Standards and Quality Control

Installing fiber internet is subject to strict industry and governmental standards, and these standards apply whether installing to multiple homes or just one. From planning and permitting to wiring and launching, it’s a step-by-step process to ensure we follow regulations and limit any potential long-term problems. This process takes time and considerable resources.


Network Design

Because fiber is not one long, continuous cable strand, we select a central location for our central office (CO) to house the electronics used to deliver and receive transmission signals, and work outward.

Consequently, service to the edges of these areas may be affected by multiple factors, such as our multi-phase construction process, different COs serving the area, and the availability of resources, which may result in one side of a road having fiber service while the other side remains unserved.


Grant Funding Misconception

Chariton Valley cannot utilize awarded grant funds at our discretion. To clarify, awarded funds must be spent in the specific areas for which we applied, and we determine these areas by the eligibility requirements of the specific grant. Simply put, grant money awarded for specific areas cannot be used in any other area.



Fiber deployment is costly, time consuming and subject to strict rules and standards. There will always be “just one more mile”, one more home a mile removed from where our fiber network ends. Unfortunately, this is the reality, but we hope you better understand why, and know that Chariton Valley is applying for grants, when possible, to provide service to as many rural homes, farms, businesses, and communities as possible.

Please view a map of our service area here, and as always, please reach out with any questions.