Internet FAQs

General Information

Internet speed is measured by how fast data is transmitted to and from the internet. With fiber internet, customers get the fastest internet available.

Fiber-based internet is the fastest and most reliable internet available. Chariton Valley offers speeds of up to a gigabit per second.

Each household has individual needs. Factors, such as the number of connected devices, the frequency and time spent gaming and streaming and the typical size of your downloads, need to be considered when choosing your plan. We recommend using the bandwidth calculator available from found at

A fiber-optic network provides the fastest and most secure internet possible. Having a faster connection makes it easier to access and enjoy everything available online. Education, business, entertainment, home security and more can all be efficiently delivered by a secure, reliable fiber network. With a fast, fiber-based internet connection, you will enjoy…

  • Faster upload and download speeds
  • Smoother streaming (without buffering)
  • Increased security from the latest home security systems
  • Access to the latest smart technologies for healthcare, home automation and more
  • Smoother online gaming
  • The ability to use multiple online devices simultaneously

Yes. You will never be assigned a data limit.

Chariton Valley does not throttle internet service. Your speed will remain consistent but will be affected by the simultaneous usage within your household.

Our GigaRouter provides the coverage needed to support environments that have a large number of connected devices.  Fiber is the best connection to move data quickly across your network. Chariton Valley’s GigaRouter equipment utilizes the latest technology deployed today, 802.11ax.

Yes. Fiber internet supports streaming and live TV as well as gaming. Fiber’s high bandwidth eliminates negative effects, such as pixilation, buffering and delays.

Moving into a new place involves all kinds of stressors: packing, transporting belongings, setting up utilities, clearing out the old home, and lots more. Chariton Valley customers certainly don’t need the added stress of figuring out what to do about their broadband equipment. Additionally, we want to make it very easy for new homeowners to get connected when they move in.  So when you move leave your CV equipment at the house. It’s that simple!

If you are moving should call CV right away to find out what we can do to provide service in your new home. If the place you’re moving into already has Chariton Valley equipment installed, CV can immediately activate service using the existing equipment.

Providing exceptional customer service, is our goal.


As a local, member-owned cooperative, we are committed to making premier technologies and high-speed internet accessible for rural communities. For pricing, go to

While we understand everyone appreciates a discount, each Chariton Valley service is billed separately. Therefore, discounts do not apply to multiple services.

Regardless of location, pricing will be the same


No. Chariton Valley does not require a contract for any service.

Prices rarely need to be adjusted. However, if market conditions require a price change, either an increase or decrease, customers will be notified in advance.

Chariton Valley strives to provide premiere products and services at the best prices. With Chariton Valley fiber, customers receive the fastest most reliable internet in the area often at a price lower than the competition.


The best way to discover if or when you’ll have access to Chariton Valley’s high-speed fiber internet is to go to If fiber is coming to your area, both residential and business plans will be offered.

Chariton Valley divides each community into neighborhood segments, referred to as zones. When a zone is ready for construction, residents and businesses will be contacted for awareness.  Once the zone is near completion of construction, customers will be contacted for installations.

Signing Up

You can go to, and follow these simple steps.

  1. Enter your address, unit number (if applicable) and zip code. Select residential or commercial from the drop-down menu and click go.
  2. A satellite image of your address will appear. Verify the address you entered is correct on the image and click next.
  3. Enter your email address, and press enter on your keyboard. Enter a password. Then, enter your first name, last name and phone number and click next.
  4. A brief questionnaire is next. Answer the questions using the drop-down menus or enter information in the boxes provided and click next.
  5. Check the speed of your current internet service. This step is optional. If you choose to do the test, select yes and click begin test. After the test is complete or if you selected no, click next.
  6. Click on the Chariton Valley products and services you want to order. When finished with your selections, click next.
  7. Review your order. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Check the first box to receive a notification to finalize your request for SuperFast internet. This notification will be sent to the previously provided email address. Check the second box to agree to our terms and conditions. Check the optional third box to become a CV Fiber Community Champion, which means you agree to spread the word to all your neighbors. Click complete process.

After you have completed the steps above, a thank-you page follows, providing you with access to your user dashboard. Your user dashboard contains your order information and allows you to change your profile settings, add a profile picture and link to social media.


Yes. It is Chariton Valley’s policy that someone 18 years of age or older be present during an installation.

There is no installation fee.

Customer Service

Home phone service is not required to be eligible for our internet service.

Chariton Valley internet plans require a GigaRouter to ensure customers have the best user experience. The GigaRouter is deployed with the latest technology in the industry and enables Chariton Valley to manage your Wi-Fi and diagnose problems without the inconvenience of a technician visit.

Chariton Valley’s cost-effective GigaRouter is an enterprise carrier grade Wi-Fi router that ensures customers’ wireless networks stay in proper working condition. The CV GigaRouter is deployed with the latest technology and security in the industry and allows our Technical Support Team to troubleshoot and repair issues remotely.

Although currently not offered, bundled services may be available in the near future.

Unlike other connections, fiber is impervious to weather and virtually impossible to damage. Although rare, an outage may occur due to equipment malfunction or a fiber cut. As a local communications provider, issues are always addressed quickly to ensure service interruptions are minimal.

In addition to SuperFast internet, we offer phone and video services.  We also offer Business services, more information can be found at

Chariton Valley is committed to providing the best internet experience to our customers.  If we introduce new plan options, plans are made available to our current customers as well.

We appreciate our customers and always strive to provide the best services at the most competitive prices, which may require you to convert to a new plan. In the event this is required, we will notify you in advance. Chariton Valley representatives are available to discuss any plan options and can be reached at 660-395-9000.

Other internet providers include (but are not limited to) Spectrum, CenturyLink, AT&T, Suddenlink, Dish, DIRECTV, Socket and Mediacom. In most markets, we are the only fiber internet provider; therefore, we offer the fastest most reliable service.

We are moving away from copper facilities to a state-of-the-art fiber network to provide our customers with the best possible experience now and in the future. A GigaRouter provides the highest level of performance and security in the industry and allows Chariton Valley to troubleshoot any service issues remotely, saving you time and money.

Please feel free to contact our call center at 660.359.9000 for any Wi-Fi password related questions.  You may also access control features utilizing our user app, CommandIQ, available for all smartphones.  More information can be found at

Please call our call center at 660.359.9000 for Wi-Fi related inquires. More information can be found at

We recommend always utilizing a Wi-Fi password. Without password protection, your Wi-Fi connection is open to anyone who happens to be in close proximity to your home, even those driving by that notice you have an unsecured wireless network.

Yes. If you currently use a Chariton Valley email address and switch to another company, you will lose your email address. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other email accounts will “Not” be affected.

Chariton Valley is a local company. Our Customer Service Team is always available to answer your questions, our technicians are quick to restore your service should you have an issue and we offer unmatched products and services at affordable prices.