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Nowadays, it seems, most people have a smartphone. You use it to stay connected with family, friends and the world around you, through text, social media, web browsing and much more. When you misplace it, you panic. Well, at least I do. You ponder where it might have been left. You search your car, look in the couch cushions and call it, hoping the ringer volume is turned up. And, when you find it, your world is right again.

You rely on your smartphone for the convenience it offers and because it can do so much. Want to capture a beautiful sunset? A smartphone can do that. Need to check your email? A smartphone can do that too. Want to kick back and stream music or play a game? No problem. How about directions to your vacation destination? Check.

As the name suggests, smartphones are smart. However, below are some additional uses that make them truly brilliant.

  1. Educational Use: Most students have a smartphone, creating many educational opportunities. One such example is online class discussions. There are several online discussion tools available that are easy for educators to set up. Google Classroom, Blackboard and Canvas are just a few of the options available to create a forum.


  1. Universal Remote Control: Many of today’s smartphones are equipped with an infrared transmitter, allowing them to function as universal remote controls. All you need is a TV universal remote app, and there are several available for iOS and Android devices. Once downloaded, configuration is usually easy.


  1. Scanner: When shopping, everyone wants the best deal. I bet you search online or physically go from location to location to compare prices, but did you know that you can download an app on your smartphone that can scan a barcode to look for a product’s most cost-effective price? It’s extremely convenient, quite the time saver and will conserve money! There are a variety of barcode scanner apps to choose from for iOS and Android devices.


  1. Leveling Tool: Have you ever hung something on the wall and after all your hard work noticed it was lopsided? I think most of us have, but now there are apps available that can virtually make your smartphone a level. Level apps or apps with a level component are available for iOS and Android devices.


  1. Language Translator: If you need a language translator, I’m happy to inform you that you already have one. It’s your smartphone! Specific apps can convert your communications, both verbal and text, into many languages. There are several translation apps available for both Android and iOS devices. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

The uses and apps mentioned above are just a fraction of your smartphone’s capability, and further advancements in technology have only added to and enhanced the functionality of these tiny computers. This may be why the number of smartphone users seems to grow each year. During 2018 alone, Statista estimates 2.53 billion people worldwide will be smartphone users. They really are incredibly smart devices that just keep getting smarter. Get your latest and greatest smartphone today!


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