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A fiber internet connection can make all the difference in your online game play and give you the edge you need to best your opponents!

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet is delivered by fiber-optic cables consisting of thin glass strands that use light to transmit internet data. As a result, fiber is extremely fast and easily surpasses cable internet speeds.

Cable internet uses standard coaxial cables composed of copper wires that can’t handle or transmit as quickly the same volume of data as fiber.

In other words, cable can’t keep pace with fiber’s data transmission and consistently higher speeds.

Faster Download and Upload Speeds

Download speeds clock the time it takes to transmit data, files and other information from an online server to your device. Conversely, upload speeds refer to how long your device takes to share data, files and other information to an online server.

These speeds are vital to gamers whose actions and reactions are made in just milliseconds and often determine a win or loss.

Higher download and upload speeds make a much smoother, less jittery, more stable and more responsive gaming experience. The faster your download and upload speeds, the better you can game.

Higher Bandwidth

While faster download and upload speeds are important, as a gamer, you also need higher bandwidth. Bandwidth is the maximum capacity of an internet connection.

The copper wires in coaxial cables used in cable internet can’t handle too much internet data at one time, leading to frequent freezes, delays and crashes. Fiber’s bandwidth is substantially higher than cable’s and keeps up even in households where multiple internet users are online at the same time.

In short, the higher your bandwidth, the more data you can send to and from your device, resulting in a better gaming performance.

Low Packet Loss

A “packet” is a tiny collection of data transmitted over a network between an online server and your device. Packets are critical to any internet activity, from sending emails to posting and viewing videos and gaming. With some forms of internet, these small data units don’t arrive at their destination, causing slowdowns, freeze-ups and even crashes.

Fiber can manage substantial amounts of packets much more efficiently due to its significant bandwidth and rapid speeds.

Low Jitter

In addition to receiving all your data through packets, it is also important the data hits your devices in the correct order. Too often, with older internet technology, data arrives jumbled, a problem known as “jitter.”

Fiber’s capacity to transmit data at faster speeds reduces jitter, creating a smoother gaming experience.

Low Latency

Latency is the time it takes for a signal to travel from your device to the server and back. With low latency, you experience shorter response time. Your device and the server quickly capture your gaming choices with minimal lag, which can make all the difference to gaming outcomes.

Chariton Valley Fiber

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