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Our economy is more competitive and globally interconnected than ever before, and the internet is conceivably the leading reason for decades of worldwide economic growth. Unfortunately, however, many areas still lack access to high-speed internet and its advantages.

Rural communities in particular have been underserved or unserved altogether, leaving them behind in the new global economy. But in rural Missouri, Chariton Valley is changing that by deploying fiber*.

Fiber is the fastest and most reliable internet service available, and it’s sustainable with the bandwidth capacity and speeds to keep up with future technological advancements and increased usage.

Our investment in fiber is an investment in your future. Here are just four ways fiber internet enriches communities.

Live Where You Want

Without high-speed internet, streaming, gaming or video calling a loved is challenging, and working from home, well, forget about it.

Fiber provides opportunities, putting small communities on a level playing field with urban areas. It puts everything easily within your reach, so you can stay in your community.

Economic Growth

With fiber, businesses are more efficient and can more effectively serve customers.

Fiber internet attracts new businesses to smaller communities and supports remote work for well-educated, skilled workers and their families to relocate from densely populated areas to rural locations, resulting in economic growth and community prosperity.

Educational Benefits

Fiber internet brings resource-rich curriculums and learning opportunities into classrooms. Teachers can easily access and share educational tools and information with their students, greatly enriching the learning environment and improving educational outcomes. In this way, fiber internet makes perhaps its most important and enduring contribution to our communities.

Competitive Farms and Agri-Business

Fiber allows farmers and other agricultural businesses to get up-to-the-minute weather information, collect soil and moisture data and access global markets.

Fiber also provides farmers with a quick connection to governmental and regulatory agencies, insurance companies, and information about alternative growing and irrigation methods. Click here to learn more about how fiber helps farmers with business operations.

In addition, agri-businesses can efficiently find cost-saving tips and shifting market trends with fiber.

At Chariton Valley, we are proud to deliver fast, reliable fiber internet and even more proud of how it is enriching communities.

To learn more about Chariton Valley and our fiber internet service, follow our social pages or contact us!

*Not available in all areas. Contact us for complete details.