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The letter sent to a very small subset of our customer base is NOT associated with our Fiber to the Home Internet Service, nor our Cellular Phone Service. As a communications provider, we deliver services via multiple platforms, and regretfully apologize for any confusion our previous communications have caused. Again, we are focusing on delivering fiber internet and other fiber delivered services.

Chariton Valley will discontinue ONLY our fixed, home-based, wireless internet service offering to some in our service area. If you are affected, you will have received a letter. Otherwise, there is no change to any other service, including our other fixed wireless service. It also does NOT affect wireless mobile service, nor the data/internet service provided via your cell phone as well as any fiber delivered internet services.

Our network will no longer support the fixed wireless internet product in some areas, requiring the customer notice we provided to a select group of customers using this fixed wireless network. While Chariton Valley continues to look at alternatives, selecting a new provider may be your best option. These options vary depending on the county in which you live. Those options include, but are not limited to, Mark Twain Communications, Grand River Mutual, T-Mobile, US Cellular, ATT, Spectrum, Mediacom, DISH, HughesNet, ViaSat.

We remain focused on bringing broadband to rural Missouri with Fiber-to-the-Home using all the tools available to us including funds made available by government programs.