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To avoid internet service frustrations, you need, most importantly, a fast and reliable service that can keep up.* Second to that, you can improve your overall internet experience by developing a good understanding of what can impede your connection and making adjustments to accommodate.

Fix Physical Router Interferences

Poor router placement can negatively affect your internet speed.

To start, it’s important to remember Wi-Fi disperses its signal both horizontally and vertically (straight ahead and up and down).

Objects physically “in the way” of the signal can interfere with the signal’s quality and strength before reaching your devices. Some of the physical interferences to avoid when placing your router include glass, windows, walls, fireplaces, cabinets and other electronic equipment.

With this in mind, minimize interference with these and other speed-stealing objects by choosing your router’s location wisely.

Fix Signal Router Interferences

Interference can also come from other objects putting off signals. Here are a few of the most common:

      Microwaves – Microwaves run on the same frequency as many routers, 2.4GHz, and can interfere with a Wi-Fi signal. Put as much distance as possible between the two if you place your router in the kitchen.

      Baby Monitors – This one surprises many people, but baby monitors and similar devices, such as walkie talkies, send sound waves over a distance that can interfere with Wi-Fi. Like microwaves, these devices run on          the same frequency as Wi-Fi, and you should keep them at a distance from your router.

Nix Older Routers

Technology changes quickly. Newer Wi-Fi routers can manage and disperse much higher internet speeds than older models.

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest Wi-Fi technology. This upgraded equipment can greatly increase internet performance and capacity, allowing Wi-Fi speeds to exceed one gigabit or more per second. An outdated router is not a concern for Chariton Valley’s fiber customers. All of our internet plans include the latest equipment.

In conclusion, a fast and reliable service is the most vital component to a great online experience, and an upgraded router and its shrewd placement also play a significant role.

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*Not available in all areas. Contact us for complete details.