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You may be experiencing a sluggish connection even with “high-speed internet,” a good Wi-Fi router and a range extender, leaving you often frustrated by slowdowns, freeze-ups and an underwhelming internet performance.

The most likely culprits to your internet woes are bandwidth hogs – devices and online activities that use a lot of bandwidth and slow down your internet connection.

You need a service that can keep up. Chariton Valley’s fiber internet provides the high download speeds and bandwidth capacity you need.* More on that later. To start, let’s discuss bandwidth and the most common bandwidth hogs.

What is Bandwidth?

For simplicity, bandwidth is the amount of information an internet connection can manage per second.

Bandwidth doesn’t measure a particular internet connection’s speed. Instead, it’s about the volume of online data a connection can “carry” and transfer at any given time.

High bandwidth levels let internet users do activities like streaming TV shows, participating in video calls, playing online games and posting to social media simultaneously without slowdowns.

The Definition of a Bandwidth Hog

A bandwidth hog is a colloquial term for a device or online activity that eats too much bandwidth, greedily taking it from other devices or activities.

Some bandwidth hogs are famous for their hogging propensities and use a large amount of your available bandwidth by just turning them on and connecting to them.

Common Household Bandwidth Hogs

  • Smart TVs – HD, 4K and 4K Ultra-HD TVs produce stunning imagery but devour an enormous slice of your internet’s bandwidth in the process. If you have limited bandwidth capacity, your smart TV may negatively affect other devices and online activities or slow down the program you’re watching.
  • Video Streaming – Video streaming uses excessive amounts of bandwidth, particularly when you access popular streaming services with vast libraries of content. Now consider multiple people in your household are streaming on different devices at the same time. That’s a lot of bandwidth being used. Plus, if you post videos online, you may be compounding the bandwidth problem because your videos must travel the distance between your device to the server each time you post.
  • Video Calling – Video calls allow you to stay connected face-to-face even across long distances, but they are also notorious bandwidth hogs. A video call’s combination of voice, text and video devour bandwidth, resulting in possible freeze frames. With video calling, you are also continuously sending data back to the server accounting for its massive bandwidth appetite.
  • Online Gaming – Bandwidth is super important to online gaming. Because information is constantly being shared from you (the player) to the server and from the server back to you, the internet connection may jam. Higher bandwidth can carry the large volume of gaming data flowing between you and server with far less latency.

The Chariton Valley Solution

The more bandwidth an internet connection has, the more information it can send out and get back at any particular moment. Chariton Valley’s advanced fiber network offers the high speeds AND bandwidth capacity needed to transfer data faster and in much higher volumes than other internet connections.

Avoid the freeze-ups and slowdowns of bandwidth hogs that still plague many internet users. Contact Chariton Valley today!

*Not available in all areas. Contact us for complete details.