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Understanding the difference between fiber internet and Wi-Fi and how they work together can improve your business operations.

Fiber Internet

Fiber internet is an advanced technology in which information is carried by light through thin, glass strands, called fiber optics. Because light is the information delivery method, you receive data (download) and send data to servers (upload) without lag and at far greater speeds than any other internet technology available.

Its bandwidth capacity is equally impressive with the capability to move massive amounts of data without bottlenecking. Click here to learn more about how your business can benefit from fiber.


Simply put, Wi-Fi works as the distribution method. Once the fiber internet signal reaches your business, a router pushes that signal to your devices on a frequency. This signal disbursement is known as Wi-Fi.

Fiber Internet Plus Wi-Fi

Because Wi-Fi transmits the internet signal to your devices, it’s important to have a quality, up-to-date Wi-Fi router to work in tandem with fiber’s speed and bandwidth capacity.

Businesses also power many internet-using devices, such as laptops, security cameras, and smartphones, at the same time throughout the day with each device sharing the same internet signal. Some of these devices consume a bigger piece of the bandwidth pie, like computers on video conferences, while others use less.

As a result, small businesses can use extender units to enhance Wi-Fi coverage and extend the Wi-Fi’s range to areas with weak or no signal. Larger businesses can deploy overhead extender units for the same effect.

Businesses that pair fiber internet with an advanced Wi-Fi router and, if needed, extender equipment can improve efficiency, save time and increase productivity.

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