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Fiber internet provides the ideal connection for streaming, online gaming, video conferencing and more. It’s fast, reliable and offers lower latency, all of which are key to a great user experience.


With a fast internet connection, you’ll have the ability to enjoy 21st century entertainment with ease, including:

  • Super high-definition and 4k video streaming
  • Virtual reality
  • Real-time online gaming
  • Online videos
  • Social media
  • Seamless video calls with family and friends

Plus, only fiber internet has the capacity to evolve with technology as it continues to advance.

Non-Delayed Activities

Latency matters, and it’s much better with fiber. Latency refers to how much time it takes for a signal to travel to its destination and back. Low latency is very important for activities, such as online gaming, video conferencing, stock trading or any activity in which a timely response is important. Fiber internet typically has much lower latency than wireless, cable, DSL or 5G.

If you want fast, reliable and lower-latency internet, fiber provides all of that and so much more. Contact Chariton Valley about our residential or business fiber plans today or click here to learn more!