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Chariton Valley knows your business has options when it comes to choosing a provider for communications services. So, we want you to know how much we appreciate your loyal support of Chariton Valley. It’s truly a win-win situation when a local business like yours chooses a local provider like us for voice, data and video solutions:

  • It’s good for your business. No matter what communications challenges you have, you get reliable, cost-efficient solutions from Chariton Valley. Plus, you can count on responsive technical support and customer service from our local staff.
  • It’s good for economic development. Chariton Valley employs area residents and the dollars you spend with us stay close to home. In addition, Chariton Valley is providing the advanced communications services required for economic development and for the very survival of our rural areas.
  • It’s good for community organizations and events. Chariton Valley is actively involved in the communities we serve through membership in local chamber and civic clubs as well as participation in, and sponsorship of, many area events. Some of these events include community parades, school homecomings, area fairs, festivals and holiday celebrations.
  • It’s good for volunteering and donations. Chariton Valley gives generously each year, through volunteer hours and financial donations, to a wide variety of local community organizations. For example, through Chariton Valley’s Co-ops In Action program, employees volunteer time toward community betterment initiatives.
  • It’s good for area students. Chariton Valley offers a college scholarship program to local high school seniors. We also send local students on an all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C. for the Foundation for Rural Service Youth Tour.

Thanks again for choosing Chariton Valley. Good things happen when we work together.


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