Tailored content appropriate for everyone in your home.


ExperienceIQ from Chariton Valley allows you to set
the rules for sites like YouTube, Tic Tok and games like
Roblox and Minecraft. Manage screen time and monitor
websites and apps across all your family’s connected
devices. Simple.

ExperienceIQ powered by CV CommandIQ

Customized your way.

Family internet content and screen time control.


ExperienceIQ manages all your family’s devices and content access from the CV CommandIQ app. You can customize what is appropriate to keep your family safe online.

ExperienceIQ Content Control Features

ExperienceIQ with My Priorities activity and device broadband optimization

ExperienceIQ Video Gallery

Learn How to Add Filters

Learn about Notifications

Setting Time Limits

Learn How to View Usage

Enhanced Parental Controls

Setting up My Priorities

Take control.  You set the rules, we’ll enforce them.


Part of the CV CommandIQ Ultimate Wi-Fi experience.


The all-in one, peace of mind, Wi-Fi control solution


Here is the full playlist of videos available on the Chariton Valley YouTube page for ExperienceIQ.  If you wish to scroll thru the videos you can click the image in the top right corner to view the collection.