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If you’re a Chariton Valley internet customer, you can add ExperienceIQ®* for only $5 per month and gain access to Parental Controls and My Priorities, two powerful tools you can use directly from the CV CommandIQ appDirection for Your Connection with ExperienceIQ to manage all your home network devices.

Parental Controls

Internet access doesn’t need to be one size fits all. With Parental Controls, you can tailor your family’s online access based on custom profiles you create.

You can create user profiles to:

  • Remove access to inappropriate and/or explicit content.
  • Block entire categories, apps and websites.
  • Set screen time limits and bedtimes.

By setting content restrictions and enforcing time limits, you can establish a healthy technology balance in your home.

My Priorities

Your internet needs change from moment to moment, but with My Priorities in ExperienceIQ, you can easily make adjustments to your home network to accommodate.

  • Create work and school schedules to limit distractions.
  • Optimize bandwidth by device for buffer-free family movie nights.
  • Monitor your available bandwidth and send it where you need it most, when you need it most.

You’ll be confident your internet is always working for you with My Priorities.

Contact us today to activate ExperienceIQ and get direction for your connection by customizing settings for your home network from the CV CommandIQ app!

*Subject to equipment capabilities.