Welcome to Chariton Valley Television (CVTV)!

Enjoy A Whole New World Of TV Freedom! 

Begin a new adventure in entertainment with CVTV, our new streaming service.


  • THE COSTS OF SET-TOP BOXES.   Use your own enabled device.*
  • COSTS OF HD PROGRAMMING.  Channels are included in HD when available, at no additional cost.
  • A TRADITIONAL SERVICE. Watch TV how you want.
  • LOCATION LIMITATIONS. Watch TV at home or from anywhere enabled with the CVTV app*.
    BREAK FREE. With CVTV*, the options are endless; it’s up to you!

As a CVTV customer, you will enjoy a new adventure in entertainment by breaking free from a traditional set-top box video service and watching TV how you want!

* Available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire or mobile device.  Local programming only works on the Chariton Valley Network.

SIGN UP FOR CVTV TODAY!  CALL 660-395-9000 to learn more!

Our helpful user guides will assist you with the app’s easy installation on an Apple TV or Amazon Fire enabled device as well as a mobile platform that delivers even more freedom to enjoy this new exciting service!


Pricing will include one stream with Basic or Standard service. Pricing will be the same as traditional video service today.

Additional streams may be purchased for CVTV access on additional TV’s or devices.

Up to 4 total streams – $5/mo.

Up to 6 total streams – $7/mo.

Up to 8 total streams – $10/mo.

Customers who currently have traditional video service with STB’s will also be required to add streams for CVTV access on additional TV’s or devices, as STB’s will no longer be deployed.

CVTV service requires internet service from Chariton Valley.  Minimum available requirement of 3 Mbps per stream, does not account for any other internet usage.  Chariton Valley recommends the following per stream:

3 Mbps – recommended for SD quality
6 Mbps – recommended for HD quality
8 Mbps – recommended for Full HD quality

CVTV service is available on Amazon Fire Stick devices (Not Fire TV or Stick Lite devices), Apple TV or Mobile device.  Local programming only works on the Chariton Valley network.  Mobile device viewing requires MyTVs application.  Customer must be enrolled for streaming service for CVTV to view on any device.

Supported Amazon Fire TV devices:  Fire Stick (Gen 2), Fire Stick 4K & Fire Cube (Gen 2).  *At this time CVTV service is not compatible with FireTV Stick Lite devices or televisions equipped with Fire TV.

Apple TV (Gen 4) devices are supported.

Channel lineups are almost identical to our traditional Set-Top Box service, all major networks and cable TV networks available on our traditional lineup are also available on CVTV lineups.  Click here to see the lineups.

Amazon Fire TV Support- Get help setting up and troubleshooting issues with Fire TV devices.

Click here for that page.

Apple TV Support-  Get help setting up and troubleshooting issues with Apple TV device.

Click here for that page.