CV Annual Meeting


The Newly Elected Directors Of The Chariton Valley Board

         Junior Pagliai

          Mitch Peiffer

           Chris Hayward

Thank You for Voting in this year’s election!

$7,000 Grand Prize Winner!

Janean Faux from the New Boston Exchange with Kirby Underberg, President and CEO of Chariton Valley.

$1,000 Prize Winners:

Don Wyatt – Prairie Hill Exchange
Steve & Linda Lindley – Bucklin Exchange
Jeff & Jessica Sisul – Bynumville Exchange
Joey & Kortney Roth – Jacksonville Exchange
Eric F & Pam Allyn – Atlanta Exchange
Jon & Sarah Moore – Salisbury Exchange
Donald & Judith Harrison – Bynumville Exchange
Robert & Lori Davis – Bucklin Exchange
Kevin & Kimberly Souther – Ethel Exchange
Ralph & Mary Schnath – Salisbury Exchange