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    February 25, 2021

    Online Mental Health Resources

    Due to the pandemic, there’s no denying the tremendous stress you and your family may now be facing. You may be in a new role as a work-from-home employee, homeschooling parent or an isolated caregiver. Your children may be suffering in unique ways, removed from their normal routines of school and play and thrust into […]

    February 22, 2021

    How to Access Your Online User Data

    If you think social media networks know just a little too much about you, you’re not wrong. The platforms monitor what you post, search and interact with, and your data is shared and analyzed in an effort to curate your perfect online experience. Mostly, companies use this information to target their marketing messages to your […]

    February 12, 2021

    Channel Lineup Changes

    Effective immediately, Chariton Valley will no longer offer adult pay-per-view (PPV) or subscription services due to the loss of channel availability from our provider.  Please refer to our Channel Guides page, for up-to-date channel listings on our website.

    January 27, 2021

    Chariton Valley’s 2021 Couple of the Year

    It’s time for Chariton Valley’s Couple of the Year 2021! Send your nominations, along with a paragraph telling us why you feel your nominated couple should win to You could receive a $100 gift certificate from Ugo’s Pizzaland, our exclusive sponsor.    

    January 22, 2021

    Scammers Go Phishing

    Online scams are nothing new. Internet fraudsters take advantage of others regularly with a variety of cunning tricks that for many are difficult to detect. It’s been said with knowledge comes power, and that holds true regarding online scams. The more you know, the less vulnerable you are. Take a few minutes to learn about […]

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