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Are you planning an outside project or two that requires digging? Remember to verify the locations of underground services, such as sewer, gas, electric and fiber-optic lines, before you dig!Digging Image

Why it’s important:

  • Safety – When penetrated, certain utility lines can cause significant harm or death to you and others.
  • Missouri Law – With the exception of emergencies, the state of Missouri requires those starting or preparing a dig to contact Missouri 811 in advance. The acceptable time frame is between three and 10 working days.
  • Damage Prevention – Damaged utilities lead to interrupted services and expensive repairs.
  • Fines – You may be fined if damages are a result of your actions.

Missouri 811 is a free resource that allows you to enter a locate request. Utility companies that may be impacted are then contacted with the location and date of your planned dig so they can indicate the locations of their facilities. For more information about dig safety and the notification process, click here.