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Marilyn and Marvin met on a blind date and even though Marilyn didn’t want to go, she did. Marvin picked her up in his Studebaker pickup truck and they are now celebrating 65 years of marriage!

Marvin graduated from high school in Cairo and Marilyn, a Macon High School graduate, have fond memories of dancing at some of the local happening places on Saturday nights, places such as, Moons Wink, Ranch House, Wayside and Coconut Grove.  At the time Marilyn worked at Sears and Roebuck in Macon.

They were 20 years old when they were married on October 31st at the Cairo Baptist Church.   For their honeymoon, Marvin said he took her deer hunting, it was a test.  She passed!  Marvin joined the Navy which made them move around a lot.  Later in life they enjoyed camping in their 5th wheel.

Nominated by their daughter Marlene Hildreth, she said this about her parents, “Not once have they thought about themselves and are always there with a helping hand and heart.”  She went on to say, “They have taught me what a loving relationship should be like and how you should treat one another.   My parents are now 86 years old and times have been a little rough lately with health issues and such, but they are there for each other each step of the way.  The way my parents worry about each other and the way they treat each other says a lot.  I remember one night; Mom and I were driving back from a Dr. appointment and the weather was getting bad.  Dad had called us on his cell phone and said that there was a tornado watch going on and was worried about us.  While driving back home it started to pour down rain and the weather was getting bad.  When we pulled in the driveway my Dad had the garage door open and ready for Mom and me with the porch light on.   This probably sounds petty and not that big of a deal, but he has done this ever since I can remember.  They are always there for each other.”

Marilyn’s words of wisdom for young people who may be struggling with their marriage, “Hang in there!  Rough times will pass.”

Congratulations Marilyn and Marvin Hildreth – Chariton Valley’s 2020 Valentine Couple of the Year!