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Co-ops in Action- Laplata Library

PRESS RELEASE Co-ops In Action-LaPlata Library

Chariton Valley and Macon Electric Cooperative Join Forces through ‘Co-ops in Action’ Project


MACON, MO –  Chariton Valley (CV) and Macon Electric Cooperative (MEC) are joining forces to positively impact the communities they serve with a new program called ‘Co-ops in Action’. This project is a joint effort between the two cooperatives, where together they will dedicate time and employees to tackle work projects for the communities they serve.

Donna Bell, CV Manager of Public Relations & Economic Development explains, “For the past 10 years, CV has participated in community events all over the area.   We know that community involvement distinguishes us from our competitors and builds relationships with our communities. This year, we want to continue building on this and take it to the next level by participating in volunteer work days along with our neighboring cooperative, MEC,” she states.

MEC and CV select projects through a request process where community groups can apply to have work completed for their organization.  They must explain the project that they need completed, as well as how it will benefit the community.  A committee reviews the projects and select projects to complete based on feasibility and impact on the community.  The goal is to compete at least four projects a year.  During the work day, the organization must provide the material needed for the project and the cooperatives will provide the labor.  The only requirement is that the project be completed within the MEC and CV service territories.

The first ever Co-ops in Action project selected was to paint the front of the La Plata Public library. Their goal was to brighten the front of the library and make it more welcoming to visiting patrons, as well as increase curb appeal before their upcoming Soy Bean Festival.  This project was completed by eight volunteers from MEC and CV on Thursday, July 27th.

“One of the seven cooperative principles is Concern for the Community,” said Allie Foster, MEC Marketing & Communications Manager.  “We are excited to work with local community groups on their projects, as well as with Chariton Valley to help make a difference in our members’ lives.”