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MACON MO – Chariton Valley’s (CV) aggressive expansion plan will bring gigabit internet service from Macon to Hannibal while taking premiere fiber optic services to several unserved towns along the way.  CV Board of Directors authorized this $2.5 million-dollar construction project as the demand for faster internet service is constant and the opportunity to expand the CV network is vital.  Progress is visible along Hwy 36 as construction continues eastward.

“Continuing to expand fiber to Hannibal, and areas along Hwy 36 solidifies Chariton Valley’s commitment to enhance opportunities for rural communities and boost sustainability,” said Chariton Valley’s CEO Kirby Underberg.  “We are in it for the long haul and look forward to continued growth in the northeast area!” concluded Underberg.

Phase 1 of this project is deploying the 60-mile-long fiber backbone from Macon to Hannibal and as Hannibal celebrates their Bicentennial year in 2019, Chariton Valley will be making its mark on the community offering residents and businesses the opportunity to sign up for the fastest, most reliable internet network deployed to their home and business.

“In the Hannibal region we are currently competing against rural and metro communities which already have gigabyte internet service for their residents and businesses,” stated George E. Walley, EDFP, Executive Director of Northeast Missouri Economic Development Council.  “We are excited at the prospect of Chariton Valley bringing Gigabit Fiber to the Hannibal area in the next year or two to support our un-served and under-served business and residential areas with competitive options!” he concluded.

Chariton Valley brings cutting-edge Gigabit capable speeds over an advanced state-of-the-art fiber network which extends all the way into your home producing the area’s fastest, most reliable internet service.  Fiber brings many opportunities to the area including educational, healthcare, and economic benefits, including an increase value of a home.  Chariton Valley believes a fiber network will future proof the home by bringing the services customers want and need for many years to come.

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