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Over the last few years, many people have relocated from large cities to rural areas, mostly due to more remote work opportunities and the charm of rural living. But compared to urban parts of the country, rural areas lag behind in broadband internet access.

Chariton Valley is changing that in north central Missouri by providing residents and businesses with fast, reliable fiber broadband.* Here are just SOME of the benefits communities can enjoy from fiber connectivity.

Health Care Benefits:
  • Effectively delivers telehealth services
    • Allows telehealth providers to interview and assess patients without delays and dropped connections
  • Transmits large files and records quickly to physicians and patients alike, including through patient portals
  • Provides peace of mind that telehealth services are available from distant medical specialists
Business Benefits:
  • Improves communications
  • Provides rural businesses with access to goods and services available in metropolitan areas, growing and diversifying the supply chain
  • Enables businesses to hire talented, qualified workers from anywhere
  • Supports workforce retention
  • Increases work efficiency and productivity
  • Allows for quick uploading and downloading of data
  • Manages multiple devices and users
  • Supports other business services, such as SHOELACE™ Business Communications Solutions
Economic Development Benefits:
  • Connects communities to the global economy
  • Promotes population stability
    • Encourages those residing in rural communities to stay by making telework possible
  • Fosters business relocations and development, leading to more employment opportunities
    • Allows for population and economic growth
Educational Benefits:
  • Makes more programs, services and training available for schools
  • Effectively supports online learning

At Chariton Valley, we believe rural north central Missouri is a special place to live and work. And we are proud that our state-of-the-art fiber network is expanding opportunities to the communities we serve.

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*Not available in all areas. Contact us for complete details.