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Points-of-Presence in Netrality’s Kansas and St. Louis edge data centers enable flexible broadband service to rural communities

 May 31, 2019 – Netrality Data Centers, owner and operator of highly interconnected, network-neutral data centers and colocation facilities, announced today that Chariton Valley, northeast Missouri’s premier communications company, has selected two of Netrality’s facilities to further broaden their broadband service to rural communities. Establishing points-of-presence (PoPs) at 1102 Grand in Kansas City and 900 Walnut in St. Louis, ensures Chariton Valley can further its mission of providing premier communication services to enhance opportunities in rural areas.

Netrality’s interconnected edge data centers enable Chariton Valley to expand their fiber and wireless service to residential and business customers in rural communities – students, families, farmers, businesses, and medical facilities, that have traditionally been underserved.

“We are excited to be partnering with Netrality and to grow our network and enhance the online experience for our rural communities,” said Chariton Valley’s CEO Kirby Underberg. “We are in it for the long haul, we are dedicated to providing quality services and we look forward to continued growth in Missouri,” concluded Underberg.

As Chariton Valley continues to seek opportunities to enable their customers with access to the content they want and need, while reducing costs for delivering those services, their newly established PoPs to Netrality will ensure Chariton Valley can respond to customer demands faster and with more agility. By establishing a presence at Netrality’s 1102 Grand and 900 Walnut facilities, Chariton Valley is now able to access Netrality’s interconnected ecosystem of network and service providers. Backed by the added assurance that their services are now redundant, and with more flexibility in who they partner with, Chariton Valley can continue to provide the highest quality services at an affordable rate.

“We are very excited to partner with Chariton Valley to bring premiere video and telecommunication services to Missouri’s rural communities,” said Cindy Layman, Director of Business Development at Netrality. “Netrality’s interconnected data centers in Kansas City and St. Louis will guarantee unparalleled levels of connectivity, and help provide best-in-class broadband services. Healthcare providers, for example, will be able to offer more remote medical diagnostics and increased access to specialists for rural citizens. Local businesses will be able to compete in an increasingly digital economy. Schools will be able to incorporate digital learning into their curriculum and access invaluable educational resources. This all is a monumental achievement for Missouri. ”

Netrality offers the most connected data centers at the network core and has been a strong ecosystem partner through its network-neutral colocation, partnering, not competing, for success with service and cloud providers, CDNs, MSPs, and enterprise customers. To learn more about how Netrality’s colocation edge data centers provide lower latency, higher reliability and robust security, visit


About Netrality
Netrality Properties owns and operates highly interconnected data centers and colocation facilities. Currently the Netrality portfolio consists of six strategic interconnection data centers including 401 N Broad in Philadelphia, 1102 Grand in Kansas City, 900 Walnut and 210 North Tucker in St. Louis, 1301 Fannin in Houston and 717 South Wells in Chicago. For more information on Netrality Properties, please visit

 About Chariton Valley
Chariton Valley provides state-of-the-art communications services to businesses and residents in Northeast Missouri. Chariton Valley is leading the state and much of the nation with the offering of fiber optic network to the premise of its subscribers. With over 65 years of experience, Chariton Valley’s goal is to keep you in touch, logged on, entertained and communicating without complications at an affordable rate. “Keeping You Connected”…connected to each other and connected to the world around you.  For more information on Chariton Valley, please visit