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 Chariton Valley hosted a Brunswick Business Appreciation Event on Wednesday, March 20 at Madison Bootleggers to show their appreciation for the enthusiastic welcome Brunswick has given Chariton Valley.  Because of Brunswick’s quick response, Fiber-To-The-Home construction is well underway.

“This town did something no other town had done before or has done since,” stated Donna Bell, Public Relations and Economic Development Manager with Chariton Valley.  “They worked together to get their town to ‘go green’ and now fiber is a reality in Brunswick!” she concluded.

“On behalf of my fellow business owners, Brunswick Main Street, City of Brunswick and the Brunswick Chamber of Commerce; thank you Chariton Valley for believing in Brunswick!” stated Tessa Tate Mauzey.  “Thank you for helping us ‘go green’ and for getting us this very needed resource of fiber for our wonderful evolving little town!”

“Bringing fiber to the Brunswick residents and businesses furthers Chariton Valley’s commitment of being the area’s premier communications provider,” said Chariton Valley’s CEO Kirby Underberg. “We are excited about bringing this service to the community and look forward to continued growth in the Brunswick area!”



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