Chariton Valley Continues Fiber Infrastructure in Marceline

Chariton Valley Communications Corporation, a local telecommunications provider, continues to improve the infrastructure in Marceline with the deployment of Fiber to the Home. $1,000,000 to date has already been invested making Main Street USA the fastest and most equipped to welcome new businesses. It is Chariton Valley’s vision to provide premier services to enhance opportunities for rural communities. We are proud to be a partner of the City of Marceline in their Economic Development.

As part of our continued efforts, the same services are being offered to the residents of the City of Marceline. Construction is being approved as neighborhood zones gather enough subscribers and demand to make installations economically feasible. The commitment to bringing cutting-edge Gigabit capable internet speeds to all of Marceline is a $4,000,000 investment. In addition to the Economic Development of Marceline, Fiber brings many other opportunities to the area including educational, healthcare, and increases the value of a home. Chariton Valley believes a fiber network will future proof the home by bringing the services customers want and need for many years to come.

“We are excited about bringing this service to the community and look forward to continued growth in the Marceline area!” exclaims Kirby Underberg, Chariton Valley’s CEO.

Visit our Fiber website, to learn more about Fiber, sign up for service, to see what zone you are in, or to check on the status of your zone. To visit with a representative in person, Chariton Valley is located at 201 N. Main Street-Brookfield, call 660-395-9000 or go to