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HANNIBAL, MO – Chariton Valley (CV) recently announced the completion of its state-of-the-art fiber network at the Hannibal Lakeside Technology Park. The network will deliver 100 gigabit service that is essential for large-scale businesses with extensive operations.

“Chariton Valley is proud of our partnership with the Hannibal community and to provide this valuable service to the technology park, said Kirby J. Underberg, Chariton Valley’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Chariton Valley plans to expand its fiber service to more Hannibal residences and businesses in the future. The company’s gigabit capable speed is delivered over an advanced network that extends directly into locations through a dedicated connection.

Hannibal City Manager, Lisa Peck stated, “High-speed internet is essential and Hannibal is proud it will be among those select rural communities that will be built out to have gigabit speed internet technology, and we are excited to have a 100 Gig Certified Site with Lakeside Technology Park.”

Only about 30 percent of households in the U.S. have access to the gigabit internet speeds (1,000 megabits per second) that fiber-optic networks provide, and only a small handful of cities have fiber broadly available to its homes and businesses, earning them the title “Gigabit City.” Hannibal is now on track to achieve that designation in the future.

Underberg added, “Fiber is essential for economic growth, online education, work from home, and telemedicine. This is another step forward for Chariton Valley and encompasses our vision to enhance opportunities for rural communities.”

According to Corey Mehaffy, Director of HREDC, “Chariton Valley is leading the way in Northeast Missouri for Fiber build-out.  It is critical that we provide these resources for our companies to compete globally, our students to excel and our educational institutions to continue to provide training and educational opportunities.”

To learn more about Chariton Valley’s fiber service, visit or call 660-395-9000.


Watch the video celebrating the announcement produced by Hill Productions and Media Group, Inc. in partnership with Chariton Valley and Hannibal Regional Economic Development Council.