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Chariton Valley proudly announces that construction will begin August 28, 2019 bringing ultra-high-speed gigabit capable Internet access to the Keytesville community enabling more robust Internet, Video and Telephone services.

“We’re already reaping the benefits of fiber with Nutrien coming to Keytesville,” stated Bob Littleton, Mayor of Keytesville. “As the future goes it’s a valuable tool. One question we’re always asked is ‘do you have high-speed internet,’ now we can say yes!” Littleton continued. “This give us one company to work with and it’s a strong, dependable, local company. We like that!” he concluded.

“Bringing fiber to Keytesville furthers Chariton Valley’s commitment of being the area’s premier communications provider,” said Chariton Valley’s CEO Kirby Underberg. “We are excited about bringing this service to the community and look forward to continued growth in the Keytesville area!”

“Many Keytesville community leaders were persistent in their efforts to obtain the sign-ups needed to ‘go green’ and their determination paid off!” stated Donna Bell, Chariton Valley’s Public Relations and Economic Development Manager. “Soon all will enjoy the benefits of fiber.” she concluded.

Fiber brings many opportunities to the area including educational, healthcare, and economic benefits, and increases home values. Chariton Valley believes a fiber network will future proof the home by bringing the services customers want and need for many years to come.


Keytesville Community will soon enjoy high-speed gigabit capable Internet access from Chariton Valley. Several Chariton Valley employees stopped in City Hall to make the announcement and to congratulate Keytesville. LtoR: Donna Bell, Bob Littleton, DeLaina Sommerfeld, Rebeccah Brockman, Pam Lockard.