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 Chariton Valley Implements Electronic Voting for 2018 Annual Meeting

MACON MO – As a Cooperative, the goal is to involve as many members as possible in the governance of the Cooperative. In 2017, only 6% of the Chariton Valley membership voted in the annual Board elections. Electronic voting allows 100% of the members an opportunity to vote from the convenience of their own home, without having to travel, and from any hand-held device with internet connectivity.

Members will have the opportunity to cast their vote during a 2-week period leading up to, and including, the day of the Annual Business Meeting. Since a member can vote any time during a two-week period as opposed to a short three-hour window, it furthers the opportunity for every member to be a part of the election process.

“For many of our members attending the Annual Business Meeting in Salisbury is difficult due to personal scheduling conflicts, night-time driving, sporting events, harvest demands, the list goes on,” states Chariton Valley’s Board President, Gary Scheiderer. “Our goal is to include all our members in the election process and electronic voting allows that to happen.”

Internet access is required to vote.  Members who do not have access to the internet at home will be able to vote at any Chariton Valley office during normal business hours.  Internet access will also be available at the Hale Supply & Variety Store (213 Main Street-Hale) during their normal business hours for our members in the Hale, Bosworth, and Dewitt areas. The availability is for the entire 2-week voting period.

Electronic voting will work as follows:

  • Just prior to the Annual Business Meeting date, members will receive either an email or a letter from Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), our election service provider.
  • Members will be provided a log-in, passcode and a link to the election website.
  • Members will have from September 27-October 11th (by 6:00 pm sharp) to vote.
  • All who vote and receive a confirmation are eligible for the grand prize, a 2018 John Deere gator.
  • You do NOT have to be present to win.

“With nearly 20 years of election balloting management experience we are confident SBS will provide Chariton Valley the highest level of security available,” continues Board President Gary Scheiderer.  “We are fortunate to be able to make the election process available to 100% of our membership, giving every member an opportunity to engage in the decisions of their cooperative and a chance to win this incredible grand prize!”

Board candidate information will be available online, in the CONNECTED and on the voting site. Also available through the same mediums will be financial reports, minutes from the previous meeting, and other information normally provided annually. This information will be available prior to the Annual Business Meeting.

We anticipate the convenience of electronic voting will reduce the number of members who attend the Annual Business Meeting. Without knowing the volume of attendance, we have forgone the meal and additional prizes besides the Gator.

“We truly appreciate the participation of our members who routinely attended Chariton Valley’s Annual Business Meeting to participate in the governance of the Cooperative throughout the years, says Gary.  “Electronic voting truly is the way to go as it benefits the entire membership.  I encourage all members to take advantage of the added convenience of electronic voting and get your name in the drawing to win the John Deere Gator!” he concluded.

Additional information will be made available for our members from now until the Annual Business Meeting through our website, , the CONNECTED, bill messages, and USPS. For more information about electronic voting and the Annual Business Meeting changes e-mail [email protected].


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